Complete fire protection concepts for commercial, industrial and public buildings

The company G&S Brandschutz GmbH is a specialized enterprise of the G&S Group and designs preventative fire protection systems. It is not just a planning and design office, but rather also implements the work on the systems with its own assembly personnel. These begin with analysing the structural conditions, continue with analysing the use of buildings and the associated fire risks and finally generate operational fire protection concepts.

Group administration and sales are handled by G&S Brandschutztechnik AG, so G&S Brandschutz GmbH consistently concentrates on developing and implementing their projects. Implementation is carried out by a highly motivated team of trained professionals. Each fire protection project is carefully analysed by the planning office. A fire prevention plan is then created in the design office to offer the highest level of safety whilst taking economic efficiency into account. As a VdS approved installer for operating fire fighting equipment, G&S Brandschutz and its assembly personnel meet the installation requirements for high-quality installations. The overall concept is monitored by the VdS quality management in accordance with ISO 9001.

You too can benefit from the extensive experience of G&S Group in fire protection technology and fire prevention. Simply having the earliest possible hazard identification and a modern fire system is not enough. Only a comprehensive overall approach can provide the highest level of security.

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