Fire protection service and maintenance –
equipped with safety for emergencies

The fire detection and extinguishing systems can only perform their function reliably if the continuous maintenance and repair features are reliably maintained. The service employees of G&S customer service are therefore specialists in their field. Modern measurement technology and craftsmanship ensure the integrity of your G&S fire protection systems and products.


Qualified service personnel

Fire protection systems serve their purpose optimally when their functions are maintained through continuous maintenance and repair. In order to ensure the proper function of a system, while ensuring compliance with the statutory provisions, the G&S Group has developed specific maintenance concepts aligned to the customer's requirements and manages the entire system components according to the latest technical standards. The focus is also on the special optimization of the system components, for which the economic aspect is paramount for the customer. Likewise, it is the task of the group, as part of the maintenance to inform the operator of the importance of the fire safety system and provide appropriate training.

The technicians at G&S Group maintain a high level of performance through ongoing training held by the suppliers of system components and perform the work using the latest technology. This ensures that even with constant advances in technology we have a high degree of knowledge of how to handle the products at G&S Group.


More service through
maintenance contracts

Installations, where a valid maintenance contract between the operator and the G&S Group regulates the maintenance and repair, are reminded about the next, outstanding appointments by the group's service department so that they can be scheduled accordingly. The nationwide maintenance package can be assembled by specifically coordinating individual systems for various customers in optimizing maintenance trips to keep the costs low.

Through the targeted use of G&S technicians it is also possible to implement unscheduled work on systems at short notice. If there is, for example, an unexpected system failure or alarm, service calls can be carried out as quickly as possible to restore operational readiness. The associated business downtime is minimized.

They are also available as a 24-hour emergency service on Sundays and public holidays which is a special service for maintenance customers and is continuously available on +49 171-23 69 096. We are here to serve you in a nationwide service network to ensure the timely resolution of incidents.


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