Gas detection systems
– Reliable protection against
a barely perceptible danger

Fixed gas monitoring systems check the measurement location reliably and quickly and increase the security without requiring additional labour intensive inspections to be carried out.

Gases are produced, used or stored in many areas of industry and research. Hazards can already occur from very small amounts of gas that are not directly noticed by the people. To protect human health, the environment and production, there is an obligation to avoid or avert potential hazards from toxic or flammable gases. This includes continuous monitoring of the gas concentration in the air.
A stationary gas warning system increases safety such that it controls the place of measurement reliably, quickly and constantly. Costly checks that must be performed by trained personnel are no longer required.

In the case of gas detectors they are precision instruments which must be installed and put into operation by competent persons. The demands on the performance and the testing of gas detectors are specified in the DIN standard 6653 Part 2.

Operation of gas detection systems

If the measured gas concentration exceeds its limit, the gas alarm system generates an alarm. The gas detection system can be flexibly adapted to the specific requirements of the closed-warning systems. The normalized measurement signal is output and can be used for recording and documentation.


Operational areas and applications
for gas detection systems:

Advantages of gas detection systems:

Typical actions
of gas detection systems:


Explosive gases

Toxic gases

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