Fire alarm systems
– identify fire hazards in time

Modern fire detection systems (FDS) detect fires early and independently report a direct call for help to the assisting agencies. They consist mainly of the fire panel, display and control of the fire detectors and alarms.


Quick warning using
reliable fire detection technology
to minimise the risk and damage

The latest fire detection technology makes it possible to detect fires before people are at risk or major damage is created. Highly sensitive sensors explore their environment for the first signs of a fire around the clock. G&S fire protection uses reliable sensors for the detection of smoke, heat or specific fumes in the fire detection systems. Your readiness to monitor fire detection technology is also not hindered even by adverse circumstances.

Operation of fire alarm systems

Automatic fire alarm system collects the signals from sensors and evaluates this information in a split second. If the limits are exceeded it sets extinguisher systems and door locking systems in motion and warns the fire brigade and extinguishing crews. This is all done automatically. The fire alarm system also monitors the connected sensors and alarms on a continuous basis for their
operational readiness and reliably indicates faults before downtime occurs. To maintain operational readiness during power outages, fire panels usually have a battery-powered and feature-monitored emergency power supply.


Operational areas and applications
for fire alarm systems:

Advantages of fire alarm systems:


Normen und gesetzliche Vorgaben

In addition to the vendor-specific display and control facilities, the fire alarm system may also have a common display and control panel for the fire department. They can be informed by this means - using a device designed to DIN 14661 - quickly and securely about the system's alarm condition. Detailed training is not required for the emergency services.

In case of fire in order to get quick and non-violent access to the property, fire alarm systems usually include fire brigade key storage. The property key contained in a vault is continuously monitored and is only accessible to the fire department in case of fire alarm.


Standards and legal requirements:

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