CO2 extinguishing systems
with SIL 2 certificate
– fire protection for power,
petrochemical and process engineering

The G&S Group has used the international SIL 2 certification since 2011 and all of the tried and tested G&S CO2 extinguishing systems therefore meet the special safety requirements in power plant operation and in process engineering. The extinguishing systems are certified for risk classes up to SIL 2 and fit as an integral component in the security concepts of entire systems. The corresponding systems have been developed and installed for clients such as MAN, Kawasaki, Ferrostaal and Atlas Copco.


The responsibility of the plant operatorr

It is essential to avoid the dangerous failure of plant and machinery. Plant operators must assess the risk of failures and malfunctions and the associated risk to humans and the environment via a risk analysis. According to the assessment, this will reveal the measures to identify, control and prevent errors.

Statutory regulations

The best possible state of the art security requirements are required by law in most countries. It is up to the operator to decide how to achieve the required degree of safety through practical solutions.

The objectives are often individual developments with a focus on the economic needs of the business. This increases with customisation of the solution but also the individual's responsibility.

The normalization via the "Safety Integrity Level" (SIL) however has the advantage of an internationally standardized assessment of protective equipment, defined life cycle management with the documentation of function-related development sections and a comprehensive assessment of the entire protective equipment. The classified and rated CO2 extinguishing systems from G&S contribute greatly to the safety of people and the environment and to protecting investments.

The G&S CO2 extinguishing systems up to SIL 2

G&S and its CO2 extinguishing systems offer a certified fire protection system that can easily be used in safety-related systems. The concepts and methods of IEC 61508 apply to all of the important steps and components.

In a first step, the requirements are agreed with the customer. The SIL standard defines the parameters here that the customer must provide for the planning and implementation of activities. These figures provide the classification results from SIL 1 to SIL 4. The engineers at G&S Group then develop and define the appropriate fire protection system from fire detection to triggering extinguishing.

The monitoring is undertaken by verifying the individual design and manufacturing steps. The validation has already been provided by TÜV Rheinland. A complicated, individual, external check on each plant is therefore no longer necessary up to SIL 2. In the G&S plant in Mogendorf, the system is then built and tested before it is installed for the customer by the G&S assembly team. Regular maintenance by G&S service technicians is an integral part of the SIL certification and guarantees the safe operation of the plant for life.

Functional safety by safety integrity level

The goal is to ensure the functional safety as part of the overall safety of the systems and machinery. This depends on the correct functioning of the risk reduction systems.

Proper safety functions must be performed under defined error conditions and with a defined high probability.

With the requirements of the international IEC 61508 standard, it now calls for a quantitative verification of the residual risk for the entire protective device consisting of sensors, controllers and actuators.


Minimizing the risk is dictated mainly
by the following steps:

Risk-reducing measures are divided into four levels from SIL 1 (low risk) to SIL 4 (very high risk). The demands on the measures to reduce risk and the components used rises with the risk.


Applications for SIL certified extinguishing systems:

Advantages of SIL certified extinguishing systems:



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