ANSUL-Kitchen extinguishing systems
– reliable protection for gastronomy,
from restaurants to catering

The ANSUL fire extinguishing system is a specially designed system for protecting cooking equipment such as grills and fryers. The quick and safe extinguishing effect is based on a reaction of the extinguishing agent Ansulex™ with the burning fat and is completely harmless in terms of hygiene.


Safe, clean and targeted
fire fighting

The extinguishing agent ANSULEX™ is specifically designed for the catering industry and for industrial applications. On this basis, G&S builds fire protection systems that offer maximum safety for grease fires and their consequences. A worthwhile investment when you consider the cost of any property damage and business failures.


Extinguish burning fats and oils
quickly and reliably

Fryers are in use in all areas of gastronomy, from fast-food restaurants to canteens and haute cuisine. Boiling fats and oils are easily flammable in the open devices and pose a high risk to personnel and equipment. Even the failure of the overheating protection in deep fryers, braising pans and griddles can lead to a temperature of 350 °C, which may cause the oil to ignite. Extinguishing the fire with CO2 extinguishers is then dangerous for the user. The use of fire blankets is not possible and is prohibited by the trade associations.

Sketch of a ANSUL-Fire extingishing System

It is important that fires are extinguished not only quickly and reliably, but also that the downtime is reduced to a minimum, since this often represents a significant financial loss that far exceeds the property value. G&S fire protection systems are based on the ANSULEX™ extinguishing agent which specialises in grease fires and offers fast and reliable protection without side effects. The extinguishing agent used is not harmful to health and can be easily removed with a damp cloth. The systems are designed such that their use only has a direct effect on the fire source and other kitchen operations are not disrupted.

Components of a ANSUL-Fire extingishing System


Rapid and targeted response
in case of fire

The first few seconds between the fire starting and fire fighting are critical for successful suppression. A G&S kitchen extinguishing system reacts so quickly and reliably that it prevents greater damage from being caused. If a fire alarm is triggered, it activates the extinguishing system, which immediately shuts down all of the associated kitchen appliances and the extinguishing agent is sprayed onto the fire source through special nozzles as well as into the adjacent exhaust hoods and ducts. Once the chemical meets a burning fat surface, a reaction is triggered, leading to the formation of foam thus preventing the oxygen supply. The fire is extinguished quickly and reliably. It will also prevent the development of flammable vapours which could spread uncontrollably through the air.

Hoods and exhaust ducts are at high risk potential, because grease vapours settle there as combustible residues. The oxygen supply through the ventilation fan favours fire generation and can carry the fire to other areas. When using the G&S ANSUL extinguishing system the fans may remain switched on and thus transport the sputtered extinguishing agent to facilitate extinguishing. This will prevent fire pockets in the inaccessible channels.

In the event of an emergency and the need to fight the fire, the targeted fire fighting operation enables kitchen operations to continue elsewhere. The extinguishing agent ANSULEX™ is not harmful to health and the creation of harmful vapours and gases is effectively prevented. It has been approved by the official test department for gas extinguishing systems and equipment.

The second major advantage of the ANSUL extinguishing system comes to the fore in particular after a fire: Residues of the extinguishing agent can be quickly and easily removed with a damp cloth. So the complete kitchen is not affected. The workplace is ready for use again quickly.


Individual solutions
for every requirement

Like all fire protection systems from G&S , our kitchen extinguishing systems are also always optimally adapted to the special requirements of the customer. From the extinguishing pipeline to stocking the extinguishing agent, all of the components and assemblies are flexibly designed so that they can be easily installed in all kitchens, exhaust hoods and ventilation ceilings from renowned manufacturers. The effect on the operation during construction is minimal.

An extinguishing system serves its purpose only when it works well in an emergency. G&S is also available to you after the installation and offers reliable and affordable maintenance programs from a single source.

The G&S kitchen extinguishing systems are based on Ansulex extinguishing agents, are VdS approved and recognized by the trade association of food / restaurants as well as numerous international organizations. They comply with NF PA 17A. As a rule, the fire extinguishing systems are required by the labour inspectorate or the trade association.


Operational areas and applications
for ANSUL extinguishing systems:

Advantages of Ansul fire extinguishing systems:

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