Novec™ 1230 extinguishing systems
for protecting sensitive
DP and IT systems

The extinguishing agent Novec™ 1230 from 3M™ reliably and automatically protects data processing and electronic control systems around the clock via the G&S compact extinguishing system. The particular advantage of the Novec™ 1230 compact extinguishing system is its ability to be prepared quickly for extinguishing. The extinguishing agent supply, control centre and possibly extinguishing nozzle, alarm horn and flashing light are combined in one unit in a pre-assembled system cabinet. The system can therefore save space with minimal assembly and installation work in or in front of the protected area.

The extinguishing agent is environmentally friendly and is safe for people. It is not corrosive or electrically conductive and causes no damage or residue to sensitive electronic components. It binds the heat energy directly in the flame, thus interrupting the combustion reaction. The extinguishing agent is a colourless and nearly odourless liquid at room temperature. Novec™ 1230 is a chemically effective extinguishing agent of the latest generation with outstanding features to protect the atmosphere. These positive environmental properties secure unrestricted use in the future.



Rooms and possibly raised floors or ceilings are continuously and seamlessly monitored by sensitive fire detectors. Even with low deviation from the normal state, the detectors detect a fire and send a signal to the fire alarm and extinguishing control panel. This separates the circuits of vulnerable devices, turns off the air conditioning and triggers an audible and visual alarm. After a programmable delay time, the valve is opened automatically on the extinguishing agent container; the extinguishing agent flows from the nozzle, where it vaporizes upon exiting. Within 10 seconds the gas is evenly distributed in the room and puts out the fire.


Special features

In particular at higher air velocities, highly sensitive early fire detection is a useful system supplement. The rapid detection provides a valuable head start to staff who are present. At this early stage a simple measure such as turning off the device can prevent a spark developing into a fire.


Operational areas and applications
for Novec™ extinguishing systems:

Advantages of Novec™ extinguishing systems:

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