CO2 fire extinguishing systems
– carbon dioxide for
standardized object protection

Amongst inert gas extinguishing systems, CO2 extinguishing systems have the greatest acceptance worldwide. The particular advantage of the extinguishing agent is that a room "inerted" in the event of a fire only has to be aired properly after successful extinguishing. CO2 is inexpensive, reliable, and is completely without residue - from a single rack to complex spatial solutions. There is still no alternative to CO2 extinguishing systems for protecting mills and hardening basins.

Carbon dioxide comprises 0.03% vol. of the atmosphere. Its density in relation to air is 1.53:1. The extinguishing agent carbon dioxide is stored in liquid form under pressure in high pressure cylinders (operating pressure at 20°C and 57 bar). Due to the liquid storage, significantly larger chemical inventories are maintained to save space.


Operational areas and applications
for carbon dioxide extinguishing systems:

Advantages of carbon dioxide
extinguishing systems:

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