G&S Wall hydrants
– important for self-help
and fire brigades

Wall hydrants give the person the opportunity to fight fire in the event of an emergency. Depending on the type, they can be also used by the fire service as a supply port.


Support for successful
initial fire fighting

Wall hydrants are water points that are installed especially in buildings frequented by a lot of people. On the one hand, the people present there in the event of a fire will be able to fight the fire and on the other it provides the fire service with connections for hoses.

G&S advises, designs and installs all types of hydrant systems according to the desired requirements and relevant guidelines. It also organises and supervises acceptance tests with the relevant experts and carries out the necessary maintenance.

Basically, fire hydrants are designed as cabinets that are installed without limiting the required width of escape routes. They contain a C-42 pressure hose (rubber hose or woven hose in lengths from 20 to 35 metres), a tube stop valve, a Euro spray or a multi-purpose CM pipe and if necessary fire extinguishers and fire detectors. As execution variants, wall cupboards, built-in closets with a surrounding plaster strip or free standing cabinets (with pedestal or stand) are available.


Types of functions:

The water for a wall hydrant is supplied via fixed fire extinguishing pipes with lockable connecting devices at the outlets. These extinguishing water lines can be "wet" or "dry" in design. Wet lines are always filled with water under pressure, a extinguishing process can be started immediately - even by laymen. In frost-prone areas, the line can also be filled with water only in the event of fire by means of a specific station.


Usage areas for wall hydrants:

The advantages of wall hydrants:

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