Foam systems - broad extinguishing properties for special fire risks

Flammable liquids or certain plastics, such as those found in refineries, rubbish incinerators or tyre stores, have fire properties that cannot be controlled with conventional fire protection systems. Fire spreads out very quickly and it forms toxic fumes. Modern foam systems offer effective and environmentally friendly extinguishing properties for each risk.


A highly flexible range of
special extinguishing effects

Foam extinguishing systems work with extinguishing water to which a foaming agent is added. This foam solution is then foamed using foam nozzles or monitors with a metered amount of air. 10 to 1,000 litres of foam can be mixed from one litre of foam solution that contains 1 to 6% of foaming agent. According to the mixing ratio (VZ) to air, the resulting foam can be sub-divided into three classes with different characteristics: low expansion foam, medium expansion foam and high expansion foam.

Further specific characteristics can be added to the foam via the choice of the foam extinguishing agent, so that optimal fire fighting is achieved for each fire risk. The extinguishing agents are environmentally friendly and can be used safely.

When using extinguishing foam, different quenching effects are tailored specifically and effectively to the fire risk and the premises that are to be secured. Various foam generators are produced to match the extinguishing foam to be produced. Foam sprinklers can be used for example to protect gantries extensively with low expansion foam, because it can easily cover the potential burning material. High expansion foam generators are used in rack storage to flood the room quickly and completely. Generators are used in tanks to generate large amounts of low expansion foam in the shortest possible time, while large open-air areas are secured with foam monitors.


Variants of foam extinguishing systems:



Mixing ratio in VZ:
The foaming number stipulates
the ratio of foam solution to the
mixed air. VZ 20 states that
1 litre of foam solution makes
20 litres of foam.


The extinguishing effects and their effectiveness

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