G&S Mastercontrol
– Reduction of operating costs with
automated system inspections

The MasterControl automation system offers substantial cost savings to plant operators. The operating personnel only operates the central control unit. Time-consuming manual component tests are replaced by automatic routines. Electronic data logging avoids reading errors, saves time and provides secure documentation for the test runs.

Amortisierung der Initialkosten


There is a return on investment
after just a short period of time

Regular checks of fire sprinklers are required according to the VdS and FM guidelines. The control operations are divided into daily, weekly and monthly sections and must be documented in a log book. In particular, the verification of the alarm pressure switches, flow switches and the pumps represents a lot of work, which is significantly reduced by the use of MasterControl automation. This results in cost savings, which pays for the investment costs within a short period of time.

The regular inspections are divided into the daily inspection of the system and regular trial runs of the individual system components.


Fully automatic test runs and documentation

The MasterControl system performs the routines to be tested fully automatically. All test results are documented immediately after the end of the test phases. A built-in printer and the graphical depiction of the sprinkler system is made available in the visualization system.

Via solenoid operated valves, water flow through the alarm valve is simulated and the alarm chain is triggered. The control and documentation are undertaken automatically as per a predetermined sequence via the automation system. By means of parallel assigned valves to the flow switches and circulating pumps, a remote controlled water flow can only be produced by the respective flow detector. The response of the detector is again automatically displayed and documented in the visualization.

In order to assess the pump performance, the recorded pressure and flow values ??are shown by the visualization in graphs and tables and compared with the reference curve.

After completion of the test phase, all individual results are issued by the integrated printer and can be permanently archived according to the documentation policy.


MasterControl handles all of the
required inspections


Weekly test runs

In addition to the weekly test runs

Monthly test runs

Quarterly inspections

Six-monthly test runs

Annual test runs


These are the advantages of automated inspection
on your sprinkler system with G&S MasterControl:



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