Water mist fire extinguishing systems with
up to 120 bar high-pressure technology
– for optimal protection

High pressure water mist fire extinguishing systems produce a fine water mist with special nozzles at a pressure of about 120 bar. For each application the required nozzle type and therefore the droplet distribution, the flow and the activation can be determined individually, resulting in effective and optimum protection.

The water mist binds a large proportion of the rising soot particles, much of the water-soluble fumes can be washed out and the strong cooling effect provides human-compatible temperatures, so this system is ideal for areas with high people traffic.


Effects of droplet diameters

Operational areas and applications:

Advantages of high-pressure water mist
fire extinguishing systems:

The extinguishing principle

Across the reaction area of the water droplets which is high in relation to the water quantity, large amounts of energy is removed quickly and the temperature is lowered rapidly. Surrounding objects are effectively protected against heat radiation. Additionally, a large amount of the fire's energy is absorbed by the sudden evaporation of the mist droplets.

Simultaneously, the volume of water increases due to the evaporation by 1640-fold, and the oxygen content is reduced in the fire.

Water mist fire extinguishing systems


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Water mist fire extinguishing systems

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