Water mist fire extinguishing systems
with low pressure up to 16 bar
– the most efficient use of the
extinguishing characteristics of water

Low-pressure water mist fire extinguishing systems (also called fine spray extinguishing systems) are fire extinguishers that spray a fine mist of water in continuous or intermittent operation. In the case of conventional sprinkler systems the extinguishing effect is mainly due to the cooling effect of the larger water droplets on the surface of the object that is on fire. Water mist fire extinguishing systems use a much larger surface area of fine water droplets in the area around the fire.

Even without extinguishing agents the water mist fire extinguishing system has advantages in the quenching effect on flame fires, particularly for liquid flammables and burning droplet thermoplastics. At the same time it has the advantage of much lower extinguishing water consumption.

The systems can be used independently with all kinds of quick release items such as glass barrels or fire detectors. It is possible here to trigger individual spray heads as well as to trigger groups of spray pipes arranged on spray heads. Fine spray extinguishing systems are characterized by good value for money and are suitable in particular for retrofitting due to the low pipe diameter.



EconAqua™ is a new development based on traditional sprinkler systems. By using innovative low-pressure water mist technology, the system provides extremely efficient building protection for particular risks under VdS CEA 4001.

EconAqua™ protects people, property and the environment through effective fire fighting. In addition, the customer can meet regulatory requirements with the system, for example, to obtain a building permit, and receive premium discounts on fire insurance.

The structure and function of EconAqua™ systems meet the requirements of traditional sprinkler systems. Fine spray sprinklers are installed in the spaces to be protected. In the event of a fire, only those fine spray sprinklers that are located in the immediate vicinity of the fire source open. This enables the fire to be fought immediately with a small amount of finely sprayed water. At the same time internal and external emergency services are alerted.

The "EconAqua™" system is recognized and certified by VdS Loss Prevention.


Uses and applications for
water mist fire extinguishing systems:

Operational areas and applications
for water mist fire extinguishing systems:

Application area for EconAqua™ systems
(risks as per VdS CEA 4001):

The extinguishing principle

Water mist fire extinguishing systems have the following extinguishing effects due to the rapid evaporation of the water:

Advantages over high pressure fine spray extinguishing systems

Water droplets


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