Extinguish with water
– simply and reliably through the use
of water extinguishing systems

Water-based fire extinguishing systems make up the largest share of the extinguishing technology. They are – in the case of sprinkler systems - simple and reliable technology that has been used for decades. Water is the most natural and environmentally friendly of all extinguisher media. It binds smoke and pollutants and is preferred for fighting class A fires (explosive materials). The extinguishing effect of water is based on its ability to bind heat – it extinguishes by cooling. Sprinkler systems provide the ideal extinguishing effect, even in difficult areas.


Amortisation of water extinguishing systems
via the premium discounts
offered by insurance companies

The level of claims from fire damage has been increasing constantly. As early as 1998 fire claims relating to property damage were around EUR 4 billion - excluding business nterruption. Water extinguishing systems offer effective protection. Automatic fire protection systems extinguish a fire when it starts. In 63% of all extinguishing situations, one sprinkler is enough to extinguish a fire; 5 sprinklers cover another 24% of cases. This restricts extinguishing damage to a minimum. The water extinguishing system is graded by the fire risk and threat and designed to provide safe protection. The guidelines of the German Association of Property Insurance Companies or international insurance companies are strictly complied with. The stated associations may check and approve the sprinklers and thus provide premium discounts on fire insurance policies of up to 65%. A fire protection system will pay for itself within a few years. The building regulation authority may also grant discounts for preventative building fire protection if an automatic fire protection system is installed.


Components for water extinguishing
systems to national and international

The high safety standard of our water extinguishing systems is guaranteed through the consistent use of components that have been approved by VdS. In addition, the GEM fitting range system that we use complies with many international regulations including NFPA, FM, FOC, ICA and UL.

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