Industry-standard components
and expert assembly

Construction is carried out by our own qualified assembly personnel according to the strict guidelines of VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH and under the direction of a G&S project engineer. This offers the security of management by a personal, competent partner.

Implementation is monitored to ISO 9001 and professional execution is guaranteed. The companies in the G&S Group only use high quality parts and industry standard components in order to ensure both the quality and safety as well as low prices in the procurement of spare parts

The G&S Group offers its SIL 2-compliant CO2 extinguishing systemsand therefore interesting fire protection concepts to international companies in power plant operation, petrochemicals and process engineering.

G&S offers the following range of fire protection services:

Brandschutztechnik  Reduzierung der Tropfengröße bei Sprühwasserlöschanlagen


Die G&S Sprinkleranlagen-App


G&S feiert die 25 und neue Fertigungshallen

Seit nun 25 Jahren ist G&S mit Feuer und Flamme im Geschäftsfeld vorbeugender Brandschutz aktiv. Unter diesem Motto wurde das Jubiläum am 30. Juni 2016
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Foto Gros Montabaur
Hochwertige Portraitfotografie und Produktfotografie im Westerwald

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